Adidas Makes Mash-ups to Go for Soccer Playoffs

NEW YORK Adidas has kicked off an interactive-centered campaign to reach young soccer fans, tying together local alternative bands with Major League Soccer playoff teams in “mash-up” videos.

Kicking off last weekend, the Adidas push looks to appeal to a young soccer audience by tapping the hot area of mash-ups, the combining of two elements to create a new execution. Adidas agency EVB recruited video mash-up artists Eclectic Method and C-trl Labs to create executions using music videos from the alternative bands and footage and photos of the MLS teams that are playing each other.

While the videos live on a brand Web site,, EVB hopes to spread them far and wide, making them portable for users to upload to YouTube, blogs or their MySpace pages. Adidas will also make the videos available via its Adidas Soccer profile on MySpace.

“Getting it out there as much as possible and letting people do whatever they want with it is part of the plan,” said Jason Zada, executive creative director at EVB, part of the Omnicom Group.

EVB CEO Daniel Stein described the effort as a “360-degree campaign” that marks the shop’s efforts to think beyond interactive for clients. The MLS push includes print and outdoor executions, as well as guerilla marketing.

Popularized by creations like Danger Mouse’s Grey Album, which combined the Beatle’s White album and Jay-Z’s a cappella Black Album, mash-ups have extended to online video. In the aftermath of the World Cup this summer, EVB hopes to tap into that cool factor, said Zada.

“We needed to generate some form of awareness that the MLS is here, and there’s some really cool soccer right here in your own country,” he said.

The campaign runs through the MLS playoffs, which wrap up with the championship game Nov. 12.