Swirling mists and vampire bats swooping through a graveyard are featured in Ackerman McQueen’s latesttelevision commercial for Six Flags.

The 30-second spotby the Oklahoma City shop promotes Frightfest at the 15 Six Flags amusement parks across the nation.

The teen-targeted campaign shows clipsof roller-coaster ridesin an eerie lightinterspersed with classic horror images. The final visual shows a man on the ride with luminous green eyes and vampire fangs. “Frightfest—feel it in your bones only atSix Flags,” intones the voiceover.

Six Flags pioneered the Frightfest concept—a combination of creepy entertainment shows and the amusement parks’ thrill rides—in the 1970s.

“Putting roller coasters in a Halloween context is what these ads are all about,” said Jeanette Elliot, creative director at Ackerman McQueen.

The spots will appear on local network and cable channels for the next four weeks. The ads include shots of rides specific to each of the client’s theme parks.