Adams & knight’s salad days

Adams & Knight recently crafted labels and packaging to introduce Prosperi all-natural salad dressing.

“We wanted to do something upscale but fun,” said Adams & Knight creative director Bill Knight.

Christopher Prosperi, head chef at the Metro Bis restaurant in Simsbury, Conn., decided to bottle the dressing after customers raved about the concoctions he served at his restaurant.

The dressings are touted as being “wildly fresh and all natural” and will only be available in the produce sections of supermarkets.

The labels for Balsamic Vinaigrette, Caesar and Tomato Ginger flavors have stylized drawings of tomatoes, cheese and grapes. The back of each bottle relates Prosperi’s story. Copy on one bottle reads, “What, no eggs—how do you do it? This one’s a secret and can’t be duplicated at home. Fortunately, Chef Chris Prosperi found a way to make this Caesar taste like he just whipped it up in his kitchen.” Print work may follow.