Adam Scott and Elizabeth Banks Took Questions From Reddit While Driving an Audi at 115 MPH

Muh-tay-zik Hof-fer creates a high-speed AMA

Adam Scott took questions on his favorite co-stars and memorable moments while navigating a race course. Audi USA via YouTube
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For most celebs taking part in an “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit, the hardest part is simply avoiding the occasional typo or troll. But actors Adam Scott and Elizabeth Banks agreed to do their AMAs in hard mode.

To promote the new Audi Sport performance models—and, of course, the stars’ newest projects (Fox’s Ghosted for Scott, Pitch Perfect 3 for Banks)—agency Muh-tay-zik Hof-fer put the actors behind the wheel of a 2018 Audi TT RS to answer fan questions while navigating a race track at speeds upward of 130 mph.

They were given a Stig-like helmeted professional driver for assistance and then livestreamed on YouTube, where the actors took audience questions via headsets from sports commentator Selema “Sal” Masekela. Answers were then typed into Reddit as transcribed responses, with links to the YouTube time stamp when the question was answered. (You can read Scott’s AMA here and Banks’ here.)

Calling its AMA-in-motion stunt “Think Faster,” Audi says it’s the first automotive brand with a Reddit account and that this was the first AMA series hosted by a brand’s account.

“‘Think Faster’ in collaboration with Reddit brings several firsts to both our brand and the social platform,” said Loren Angelo, vp of marketing for Audi of America.

Scott handles the situation with his signature deadpan demeanor, though his wide eyes and occasionally stilted answers make it clear that the multitasking is a challenge. When asked, for example, what it was like meeting U2, he replied, “It was amazing. They were the coolest. It was really, really fun.”

Banks is a bit more vocal with her distress (even as a passenger) but still manages to give solid answers to questions ranging from her preferred Hunger Games district to her favorite song to sing in the car (Cheryl Lynn’s “Got to Be Real”).

While neither actor made it to the top speed of 130 mph achieved by the professional driver, Scott reached an impressive 115.

Here are the videos of their drives (skipping past a few minutes of intro footage):

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