Adair-Greene Lands Stiefel Assignments

ATLANTA Stiefel Laboratories has assigned two accounts to Adair-Greene here without a review, the shop said.

The Interpublic Group shop will help the Miami-based pharmaceutical company introduce a new treatment for eczema called MimyX Cream. Print ads will be directed at dermatologists and pediatricians in medical journals. For dermatologists, the ads portray the cream as a foundation therapy and a barrier that protects the entire family from eczema. For pediatricians, the ads promote the treatment’s ability to relieve symptoms for babies so they can sleep through the night.

“Our research indicated that we had two specialty audiences whose patients had very different wants and needs,” said Mark Perlotto, chief marketing officer for Adair-Greene. “Based on these findings, we developed two separate campaigns, despite significant time pressures.”

Stiefel also gave the shop the advertising account for Duac, the company’s best-selling drug that is expected to exceed $100 million in sales this year. Adair-Greene helped launch Duac three years ago. Duac is used to treat acne, a condition that affects more than 50 million people in the U.S. who spend more than $2 billion annually on medications for the condition.

Spending on the campaigns for the two products was not disclosed.