Ad Store, GoDaddy in Big Game and Beyond

NEW YORK Consumers may not know domain name registrar now, but after a Super Bowl spot and another $10 million or so in ad spending in 2005, they may be ready to join the family.

Bob Parsons, GoDaddy’s founder and president, is implementing an enhanced strategy of offline initiatives in a bid to reach new customers.

“What better way than the Super Bowl?” he said. While a dot-com advertising on the Super Bowl telecast may have a familiar ring, Parsons denied that buying a $2.4 million, 30-second spot was a scattershot move. “We believe that if people knew about us, they’d be our customers,” he said.

Tim Arnold of the dot-com’s new agency, The Ad Store, New York, said GoDaddy is planning an “ambitious TV rollout” in the weeks after the big game, along with radio and print. The company began running ads in USA Today.

GoDaddy’s Super Bowl effort parallels record growth in the market. The total number of worldwide domain names this year is about 66 million, versus 60 million in 2003, per VeriSign, Mountain View, Calif.

Founded in 1997, GoDaddy targets “everyone who wants a Web presence,” said Parsons. The company’s competition,, spent $5.7 million on advertising from January to September 2004, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus. Network Solutions is also in the space.

Parsons said a more mature dot-com market enabled GoDaddy’s Super Bowl play. “Back in ’99 . . . dot-coms raised money on ideas that weren’t viable,” he said. “But we are the leader in our industry and actually do make money.”