Ad Stocks Are Looking Up

The major indices last week traded at some of the lowest levels in the past few months on the Dow Jones Industrial Average, but there may be some hope for ad holding companies, one analyst said. On the Big Board, IPG climbed 7.2 percent to close the week at $10.97; Omnicom rose 1.3 percent to $62.38; and after posting better-than-expected earnings results for the quarter, British holding company WPP, trading as American Depository Receipts on the Nasdaq, increased 6.5 percent to $34.02. “It looks like there’s a slight improvement in the market,” said Fred Searby, an analyst at JP Morgan. “The industry’s been a mass of laggards, and WPP’s results indicate a possible turnaround. But we’ll have more data points when Omnicom and IPG release their results.” —david kaplan