Ad Results Forms Hispanic Radio Arm

DALLAS Ad Results, which buys live-radio endorsements, has launched ARI Hispanic to sell the capability on Latino stations, the shop said.

Jana Kusin heads Houston-based ARI Hispanic as executive vice president and partner. Kusin joined the company from Cingular Wireless, where she was director of marketing for the Houston market. She also has worked for Ozarka Natural Spring Water and Zephyrhills Spring Water, where she launched the first Hispanic campaigns of those companies.

Like its sibling Ad Results, ARI Hispanic buys live-radio spots for its clients and creates “directional” copy that talent can use to personalize their on-air endorsements of a product or service. The shops monitor the spots and coach the personalities when necessary, Kusin said.

“Live-endorsement radio is a very effective direct-response medium and if you have a product or service and need an immediate response, live-endorsement radio works very well,” Kusin said. “It’s very different from running a high-frequency campaign, which is great for building brand but won’t bring an immediate response.”

The company said it uses a proprietary electronic direct-response tracking system to measure reactions to endorsements.

Ad Results partners Marshall Williams and Russell Lindley said some clients have already been using personalities to promote themselves on Spanish radio. The two decided to launch a separate entity given the “tremendous amount of opportunities” in the segment and will serve as partners with Kusin.

“Because the Hispanic population doesn’t have as many media markets to choose from, they’re not as segmented [as the general market],” Williams said. “Especially if you have a highly ranked station, you can generate a tremendous amount of sales.”

There are an estimated 600 Spanish-language radio stations in the U.S, according to ARI.