Ad Fest Recasts Titanium Lion Award

NEW YORK The International Advertising Festival’s Titanium Lion is being redefined as an integrated campaign award, honoring campaigns that succeed over a range of media, the festival said today.

The 2-year-old award, created in 2003, in an effort to honor campaigns that break ground in the industry, was not presented last year. In 2003, the trophy was given to BMW Films, the campaign that inspired the creation of the award.

In its new form, there will be more Titanium Lions given out, and the criteria for winning are more specific.

Campaigns are eligible that use at least three distinct communication channels, including both traditional and non-traditional media. There is no limit in terms of the number of communication channels used and the length of the execution.

The Titanium Lion will now be given in four different categories, depending on the media budget: under $1 million, $1-10 million, $10-50 million and more than $50 million.

One Titanium Grand Prix winner will be selected from the Titanium winners. A 10-person jury will decide the winners.