Ad of the Day: Yes, PSAs for the Blind Can Be Hilarious

Norwegian advocacy group scores again

The Norwegian Association of the Blind makes some pretty funny commercials.

A few years back, the group made ads (scroll to the bottom to see them) suggesting blind people make great employees—because their sighted coworkers can have sex with each other right in front of them and they won't even know it.

In that same self-deprecating vein, this latest spot (spoiler) urges bus drivers and cabbies to accept blind people and their guide dogs—because at least they're not bringing ducks, donkeys, sheep or some other more irritating animal with them.

In a category where you assume you'd have to be more serious, this advertiser remains a breath of fresh air.


Client: Norwegian Association of the Blind

Agency: Try/Apt, Oslo

Copywriter: Øystein Halvorsen

Art Director: Karin Lund

Project Manager: Ulla Hennum Birkrem

Account Manager: Trond Sandø

Production company: Fantefilm

Director: Magnus Martens

Producer: Hugo Hagemann Føsker

Production Manager: Audun Lyngholm Wittenberg

Post production: Shortcut

VFX: Stripe

Music research: Ohlogy

Two spots from 2011:


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