Ad of the Day: Xerox

Brand shows how it innovates to simplify data streams—and the world

Once upon a time, photocopying a piece of paper was a big deal. But in 2012, the list of things we can accomplish with technology has become limitless, and in turn, completely overwhelming. The things that were supposed to make life easier are instead making it more complicated. Accordingly, the hot topic du jour isn't just innovation, but simplification.

Xerox picks up on this trend with its new spot, "A World Made Simpler … by Xerox." It opens with someone copying a drawing of a circle, which morphs into a lightbulb, which morphs into a CD, which morphs into a wall full of charts and pictures and text, which morphs into a wave, and on and on. (Xerox appears to be taking this "drowning in an ocean of data" metaphor quite literally.)

But Xerox wants you to know it doesn't just create endless, clutter-causing replicas of documents. In fact, the company does everything from helping doctors virtually monitor patients to setting up call centers during natural disasters to making public transportation easier. To illustrate all these possibilities, the ad uses—what else?—hundreds of letter-size sheets of paper with images of all those things that tug at our heartstrings (babies, schoolchildren, grasped hands, a cozy home) and help you forget that you're watching an ad for an enormous corporation.

It's so mesmerizing, you actually might.


Client: Xerox

Spot: "A World Made Simpler … by Xerox"

Agency: Y&R, New York

Executive Creative Director: Jim Radosevic

Art Director: Kleber Menezes

Copywriter: Corey Rakowsky

Executive Producer: Robert Beck

Producer: Craig Sklaver

Production Company: Psyop / Blacklist

Director: Psyop / Cisma

Creative Directors: Laurent Barthelemy, Denis Kamioka

Psyop Executive Producer: Lucia Grillo

Blacklist Executive Producer: Adina Sales

Producers: Ave Carrillo, Erik Gullstrand

Live-Action Producer: Gabi Hahn

Visual Effects Supervisor: Joerg Liebold

Designers: Naomi Chen, Eunice Kim

Editor: Sam Goetz

Storyboard Artist: Ben Chan

Lead Technical Director: George Smaragdis

Animation: Ryan Moran, Helene Park, Sophie Gate

Visual Effects: George Smaragdis, Jordan Harvey

Light: Fabio Piparo

Lead Tracking: Bogdan Mihajlovic

Compositing: Herculano Fernandez

Flame: Aniello Zampella, Fabien Coupez

Live-Action Production Company: Paranoid BR

Executive Producer: Egisto Betti

Production Manager: Gabi Hahn

First Assistant Directors: Camila Andreoni, Renata Salloum

Director of Photography: Pierre Kerchove

Art Director: Olivia Helena Sanches

Stop Motion: Fabio Yamagi, Banzai Studios

Music & Sound Design: Q Department