Ad of the Day: Volvo Runs With the Bulls in Its Most Beastly Truck Stunt Yet

Catch me if you can

It's not advertising if it isn't potentially lethal.

That appears to be Volvo Trucks' premise lately. Its amazing ad stunt from agency Forsman & Bodenfors, the latest in a series that have ranged from crazy to crazier, incorporates a smaller-scale version of Spain's Running of the Bulls—as a bunch of them charge through a Spanish village, chasing a big red-painted truck and a number of dudes in red scarves and running shoes, at least a few of which, I promise, suffered internal injuries during this amazing feat.

I don't have whatever the gene is that makes you sympathize with people who get into trouble climbing K2 or running away from easily avoidable stampeding quadrupeds. But even I have to admit this is pretty intense.

The camerawork here in Cuidad Rodrigo, by commercial and film director Henry Alex Rubin, is pretty great—it's a perfect combination of action photography and well-choreographed editing. These guys must have seeded the entire street with cameras, and man, do they capture some great moments, including a bull skidding into one of them and knocking it over while it's filming.

There's a great moment early on when a bull decides he's just going to go for one of the runners (who escapes), and also an extremely painful-looking fall that I can't imagine didn't result in the poor dude getting stepped on by a one-ton-and-change cow with rage issues. The camera cuts away, but it still makes me crave steak.

I also want to find whoever chose to set this spectacle to "Wooly Bully" and shake his hand.


Client: Volvo Trucks

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors

Director: Henry Alex Rubin

Effects: The Mill

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