Ad of the Day: Volkswagen

If you wake up every morning in your Touareg, you have a problem

The guy in this new Volkswagen Touareg ad from DDB Sydney has it all—a roomy house on a tree-lined street, a beautiful family, daily newspaper delivery, and, of course, a shiny SUV. Unfortunately, a strange and persistent blemish—namely, his fetish for the car—spoils this little slice of suburban paradise. His obsession, mixed with a penchant for sleepwalking, does, however, result in a comical diary of mornings on which he wakes up to find himself unexpectedly lying in his Touareg. His initial response of bewilderment quickly gives way to frustration.

The spot, part of the agency's "Fall in Luxury" blitz for the brand, knacks of the classic Bill Murray film Groundhog Day, distilled to a minute and a half, and without the happy ending. (Here, our protagonist finds himself unable to break the pattern, despite some pretty over-the-top attempts to do so, like locking the keys to the car in a hotel safe.) Overall, it's a clear, simple concept, and it's well executed. Though given the campaign's auto amorous tagline, we're not quite sure we want to know why he found himself in the car in the buff.

Loving your ride is cool and all, but there are reasonable limits before even the most supportive of spouses should start to worry.


Client: Volkswagen

Spot: "Sleeper"

Agency: DDB, Sydney, Australia

Executive Creative Director: Dylan Harrison

Creative Directors: Steve Wakelam, Nick Pringle

Digital Creative Director: Matt Grogan

Digital Art Director: Ramon Rodriguez

Managing Partner: Nicole Taylor

Planning Director: Nick Andrews

Business Management: Patrice Bougouin, Josette Addinall, Dave Murphy

Project Director: Todd Osbourne

Agency Producers: Brenden Johnson, Sam Meehan

Digital Producer: Ellie Campbell

Digital Design/Production: Per Thoresson, Mauricio Massaia, Marcio Puga, Orrr

Production Manager: John Wood