Ad of the Day: Victoria’s Secret

Michael Bay's third annual holiday spot for the lingerie brand is borderline romantic, the old softie

The holidays are upon us, and you know what that means: a new Michael Bay commercial for Victoria's Secret, the greatest gift of all! The completely reasonable pairing of the plot-averse, action-movie director and the purveyor of shiny push-up bras is now entering its third year, but instead of going more all out than ever for 2011, it seems Bay is getting a bit soft.

The absurdity factor of Bay's visions for the brand has steadily declined since their 2009 holiday debut, which memorably featured helicopters, explosions, and a lot of models writhing in the desert. Last year's spot ditched the pyrotechnics in favor of a horse, but still included an adrenaline-laced soundtrack and more than enough writhing. By comparison, Bay's newest effort seems practically romantic.

In place of a thumping beat, this year's crew of superhuman lingerie mannequins gallivant to Frank Sinatra's "In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning," signaling that this year's spot is going to be downright classy. To boot, the ad was filmed on location at a sprawling manor house in Prague, filled with lush gardens and rose petal-strewn floors. The percentage of horizontal models has dropped considerably, there's a lot more walking (or, more aptly, stomping) than writhing, and the sexy glares have been replaced with flirtatious smiles. Perhaps most shockingly, one model seems to be wearing actual clothing—although that jacket and bustier probably won't keep her very warm on a rainy tour of the Czech Republic capital.

If this trend continues, by next Christmas, Bay's beloved angels could be modeling Victoria's Secret's line of full-coverage cotton bras.

2011 spot:

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Client: Victoria's Secret

Director: Michael Bay

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