Ad of the Day: Verizon Wireless, 'Lemonade'

It's a cliché to say execution is everything. But it is the exquisite implementation of a simple idea that makes this new Verizon Wireless spot, aimed at small businesses, so exceptional. Created by McCann New York, the ad sees kids running a lemonade stand that takes off when one of them is lent a Verizon smartphone by a generous parent. At least two other recent campaigns have as their premise, and even their entire plot, kids acting like adult businesspeople. But none comes close to this one with its perfect pacing—it will withstand multiple exposures better than most commercials—and exceptional performances from both children and grownups. The young entrepreneur is a girl, and it's great to see such a positive female role model in a performance delivered so perfectly. The best line comes when one of the grownups is trying to see the girl and one of her fellow executives asks a bemused adult if he has an appointment, now that she is so busy running her lemonade empire. Importantly for the client, the idea that Verizon's services and hardware can make a real difference to a small business is pushed home hard but doesn't overwhelm the whole presentation.