Ad of the Day: Toshiba

Company promises laptops and TVs that won't cause a zombie apocalypse

A butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world, and it causes a hurricane in another part of the world. Meanwhile, a tech company fails to include a decent hard drive in its new laptop, and suddenly zombies are munching on red-blooded humans everywhere.

Hey, it could happen. In the minds of Toshiba's product engineers, it could easily happen—as seen in this humorous new ad campaign for Toshiba's Digital Products Division from agency goodness Mfg. Two spots show a Toshiba executive being told he can ship the company's new laptops and TVs early, if he skimps on a few things. But then he daydreams about the possible domino effect such skimping would have around the world, and indeed into space—a comically destructive set of events leading to nothing less than mass hysteria. He decides, thankfully, to wait until the product is ready—as opposed to other tech companies, which rush things out to market and then have to fix them via upgrades, according to Toshiba.

The agency got Ulf Johansson of Smith & Jones Films, known for his Skittles commercials, to direct the campaign. The ads are wonderfully shot and expertly paced. It's maybe a little odd to focus on your products simply being ready for market, as opposed to any good—but you can't argue with the alleged upside of buying a Toshiba. You get a good product that shouldn't crap out on you, and you're doing the world a favor as well.


Client: Toshiba

Spots: "Milk," "Ethernet"

Agency: goodness Mfg.

Executive Creative Director: Thomas Adams

Art Director: Neal Desai

Copywriter: Eric Christy Manchester

EVP, Integrated Production: Rupert Samuel

Agency Senior Producer: Akash Khokha

Account Director: Kristyn Dunlap

Production Company: Smith & Jones Films

Director: Ulf Johansson

Executive Producer: Philippa Smith

Director of Photography: Barry Ackroyd

Postproduction: Trailer Park

Editor: Brett Nicoletti

Sound Designer: Gary Zacuto, Mike Rodriguez

Motion Graphics: Clarissa Donlevy, Steve Sikorski

Flame Artist: Kevin McDonald

Final Color: Steve Rodriguez, Cinelicious

Telecine Producer: Reggie Diaz, Cinelicious

CG: Smoke and Mirrors ("Ethernet" spot)