Ad of the Day: These Sunglasses Bathe the World in an ’80s Glow, and the Ad Does Too

Great vintage infomercial parody from Tens

For sunglasses company Tens, making an eye-catching ad was imperative. But in a world of sleek and sexy ads all looking to break through, how do you stand out? You go analog.

Tens, a six-person Scottish company whose sunglasses have special lenses to make the world look like a Polaroid picture, transports us to the land of '80s infomercials in the spot below. Shot on both digital and analog cameras (the company nabbed an old-school VHS camera on eBay for $20)—with a ton of work done in post—the ad plays on people's love of nostalgia, wavy VHS lines and all.

"If you're an older brand that has this kind of heritage, you couldn't just go out and make something like this. It would be too much in contrast to the brand," Tom Welsh, Tens co-founder and the director of the ad, told Adweek.

"This ad fits into our brand ideology. Our sunglass lense makes everything feel nostalgic, and we wanted to use that thinking in our advertising and branding ethos."