Ad of the Day: Target

The retailer brings its fashion sense to the grocery aisle in wry spots from Mono

Target has turned the grocery aisle into a runway.

The retailer, long known for its design sense, is launching a new campaign for its groceries that parodies fashion advertising—with models in slow-motion vignettes, against stark white backgrounds, showing off Target's "Everyday Collection" of cake mixes, laundry detergents and fresh packaged meats.

Cake mixes explode in different colors as a model crushes an egg with her hand in one spot. "Dominate that PTA bake sale," the voiceover says. Then, in a Calvin Klein Obsession-like whisper, the voice adds: "The Everyday Collection. By Target."

In another spot, a model plays matador, whipping around a large white cape as wrapped cuts of beef, chicken and pork appear. "Conquer dinner. One cut of meat at a time," says the voiceover.

Two other spots push pre-natal vitamins (with a pregnant woman impressively ripping open packages of everything from potato chips to Oreo cookies) and Tide detergent ("We all yearn for something. And that something is the other sock.")

The campaign, created by Mono in Minneapolis, "creates a foil for what people are used to seeing for grocery advertising," chief marketing officer Jeff Jones tells the Associated Press. "It combines the design ethos and fashion creditability that Target has with the idea that it also has great grocery items at a great price."

The campaign will feature eight spots in all, along with newspaper inserts, three radio ads and digital short films that will run as banner ads online, the AP reports.


Client: Target

Agency: Mono, Minneapolis