Ad of the Day: Taco Bell Takes Back Bacon in This Silly Anti-Craze Campaign

Enough with the spinoffs

If you needed further evidence that the bacon craze has completely imploded, Taco Bell is making fun of the universal obsession with the stuff to pitch a new product … of which bacon is an integral part.

"Bacon you can't eat is bacon you don't need," says the tagline in a new campaign, from Deutsch LA, that hopes to reclaim the cured meat as an edible, not everything but.

The centerpiece 30-second TV and cinema spot, "Bacon Mall," imagines an almost Lynchian nightmare of a shopping center where all the products are bacon themed. A slew of 15-second social spots mock specific, ridiculous pork meat wares—charmingly efficient in their presentation.

One, for bacon cologne, comes across as a nice sendup of all fragrance ads. Another, for bacon headphones, reads as a subtle dig at Beats (popular for their look, but widely panned for their fidelity). A third, for Bacon One Hightops, plays on sneaker head culture.

Overall, it's a fun conceit, with a different, more subtle dystopian flavor compared to Taco Bell's insane portrayal of Ronald McDonald as an Stalinist dictator. (The totalitarian clown is also probably to blame for pulling the strings in a world where opportunists pervert bacon from its true purpose.)

But is the joke a bit late? Gender-neutral Bacon fragrance has been around since 2011. A bacon-themed racing chair doesn't seem significantly sillier than a regular racing chair. And there's surely a niche market for a bacon USB drive. (Taco Bell's looks better than the ones that seem to exist already.)

The truth is, you don't really need to make bacon into another random consumer product to broaden its applications. Oscar Mayer proved that any sane person will happily trade goods and services for actual bacon, one of the most valuable commodities on earth. And it's also an appropriate gift for any occasion. Just ask Ron Swanson.


Client: Taco Bell

—Spot: "Bacon Mall"

Air Date: Cinema: 7/3/15

Broadcast TV: 7/6/15

Digital: 7/6/15

Client Credits:

Chief Marketing Officer: Chris Brandt

Vice President, Brand Creative Director: Tracee Larocca

Director of Advertising: Aron North

Brand Experience: Alexandra Bunn

Food Consultant: Carolyn Avelino

Agency: Deutsch LA

Creative Credits:

Chief Creative Officer, North America: Pete Favat

Executive Creative Director: Brett Craig

Group Creative Directors: Guto Araki, Tom Pettus

Creative Directors: Andy Pearson, Ken Slater

Associate Creative Director: Jeremiah Wassom

Senior Copywriter: Chris Pouy

Director of Integrated Production: Vic Palumbo

Executive Integrated Producer: Paul Roy

Integrated Producer: Jamie Gartner

Assistant Integrated Producer: Evan Aronson

Music Director: Dave Rocco

Account Management Credits:

Group Account Director: Walter Smith

Account Director: Sandy Song

Account Supervisor: Monica Tobin

Account Executive: Sasha Rawji

Account Planning:

Chief Strategic Officer: Colin Drummond

Group Planning Director: Lindsey Allison

Senior Account Planner Kelly Mertesdorf

Business Affairs, Traffic:

Director of Integrated Business Affairs: Abilino Guillermo

Business Affairs Manager: Nestor Gandia

Director or Broadcast Traffic: Carie Bonillo

Senior Broadcast Traffic Manager: Sarah Freeark


Chief Executive Officer, North America: Mike Sheldon

President, Los Angeles: Kim Getty

Live Action Production Company: Reset

Director: Vesa Manninen

Managing Director: Dave Morrison

Executive Producer: Jeff McDougall

Producer: Jennifer Ingalls

Line Producer: Ahnee Boyce

Editing Company: Therapy Studios

Editor: Doobie White

Assistant Editor: Amy Bostrom

Executive Producer: Joe DiSanto

Head of Production: Allegra Bartlett

Post Facility: MPC

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