Ad of the Day: Subaru

Carmichael Lynch tells more love stories, including another father-daughter bonding moment

Sometimes love takes you places you weren't quite expecting, says Subaru.

Maybe it's because you're a grounded wife chasing your roguishly obnoxious hot-air-balloon-pilot husband to wherever the wind happens to send him. Or you're a father trying to help his young daughter catch a better view of the rainbow she spotted somewhere over the hill.

Wherever it is, Subaru wants to get you there, according to two new spots in the automaker's "Love" campaign from Carmichael Lynch for the 2013 Legacy and Outback. (Six more ads are forthcoming.) These first two ads, which play up the brand's off-road capabilities, are well produced but a little contrived. "Rendezvous," in particular, takes too fantastical a trip to be convincing and ends up feeling strained. "Looking for Gold," meanwhile, stays closer to reality, and while a bit sappy, is understandably so—maybe even resonant. It's also a nice extension of the campaign's father-daughter dynamic, previously in the brand's Emmy-nominated "Baby Driver" spot from 2010—and another reflection of advertising's broader shift away from doofus dads.

Still, as car ads go, neither spot strays far from the beaten path.


Agency: Carmichael Lynch, Minneapolis

Chief Creative Officer: Dave Damman

Executive Creative Director: Randy Hughes

Copywriters: Conn Newton, Ellie Anderson

Art Directors: Michael Rogers, Brad Harrison

Director of Integrated Production: Joe Grundhoefer

Executive Senior Producer: Brynn Hausmann

Business Manager: Vicki Oachs

Account Service Team: Andy Gorski, Kristen Stengel


Production Company: Gorgeous

Director: Vince Squibb

Executive Producers: Paul Rothwell, Jeff Baron

Line Producer: Rupert Smythe

Director of Photography: Alwin Kuchler


Edit House: The Whitehouse

Editors: Stephen Jess, Rick Lawley

Assistant Editors: Alejandro Villagran, Shane Reid

VFX House for "Looking for Gold": The Mill

VFX House for "Rendezvous": Randy Gackstetter, Volt

Online Artist: Steve Medin, Volt

Telecine: Sean Coleman, Company 3

Audio Mix, Sound Design: Carl White, BWN


Title for "Looking for Gold": "Won't Let You Leave," Jenny O.

Title for "Rendezvous": "Going Somewhere," Gareth Dunlop

Music Supervisor: Jonathan Hecht

Composer: Gareth Dunlop


"Looking for Gold": Andrew Miller, Bluesette Miller

"Rendezvous": Barry Sherman, Brynn Horrocks, Emily Yancy, Cedric Scott

Voiceover: Justin Beere

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