Ad of the Day: State Farm

Chris Paul meets his long-lost twin in this cracker of a spot from Translation

Who knew Chris Paul had a twin brother, Cliff Paul, from whom the NBA All-Star point guard was separated at birth, who went on to assist people in a different way—by becoming an agent for State Farm, among myriad other kindnesses?

Not Chris Paul. That's obvious as he gets into the elevator at the end of the spot. But the good people at State Farm and ad agency Translation did.

This spot, directed by MJZ's Craig Gillespie, comes with its own Twitter feed (@CliffPaul), and it's yet another example of how much fun Paul can be. He also represents Nike's Jordan brand, among other endorsements, and he's easy to watch—to the extent that one wonders if he'll eventually try his hand at something beyond commercials.

Good bits here: the baby with the glasses, the casting of the kid versions of Chris and Cliff, and the argyle sweater on both adult and child Cliffs. And of course, the take Paul does as he looks into his own face, while playing both characters.

This is a very slick ad—it's a good example of how to pack a lot of story and branding into a single minute, with a controlling pun (assist vs. assist), a linear progression the audience can follow (the two characters aging simultaneously), and a quality punch line. The set dressing is stellar, notably the '90s station wagon in the background of the young Chris's driveway game. And does anyone else feel old hearing that Chris Paul was born in 1985?

I'm also a huge fan of Cliff tasting the paint scrape on the fender of the hit-and-run victim's car and then eagerly beetling off in the direction of the perp.

Triplet suggestion: Chip Paul, detective, who assists in homicide investigations. Just thinking out loud here, you understand.


Client: State Farm

Agency: Translation

Chief Creative Officer: Chris Cereda

Associate Creative Director, Copywriter: Emily Sander

Associate Creative Director, Art Direction: Danielle Thornton

Copywriter: Jamie Cohen

Executive Producer: Peter Ostella

Group Account Director: Ben Gladstone

Account Director: Susanna Swartley

Account Supervisor: Susan Min

Brand Strategist: John McBride

Head of Content Production: Miriam Franklin

Production Company: MJZ

Director: Craig Gillespie

Executive Producer: Emma Wilcockson

Line Producer: Line Postymr

Director of Photography: Gyula Pados

Stylist: Mike B.

Editorial Company: Bikini

Editor: Avi Oron

Assistant Editor: Gustavo Roman

Post Producer: Brad Wood

Post Executive Producer: Gina Pagano

End Tag Graphics: Alejandro Ussa, US54

Sound Mixing: Heard City

Executive Producer: Gloria Pitagorsky

Producer: Sasha Awn

Sound Mixer: Evan Mangiamele

Sound Mixer: Eric Warzecha

Music, Sound Artist: Felt Music

Producer: Alex Lodge

Visual Effects: Eight VFX

Executive Producer: Baptiste Andrieux

Executive Producer: Shira Boardman

Visual Effects Producers: Yannick Leblanc, Doug Scruton

Flame Artists: Joe Vitale, Christopher Memoli

Voiceover: Will McDonald

Celebrity Talent: Chris Paul

Stock Footage: NBA, T3 Media

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