Ad of the Day: State Farm

Are you and your family safe from giant marauding alien robots?

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Insurance will certainly come in handy when the aliens arrive and start really messing with our suburbs.

This visually impressive, and actually quite amusing, action-movie parody from State Farm and DDB Chicago presents a giant, Star Wars-like mechanical monster from outer space terrorizing a nice quiet street on Earth outside a nondescript city. The usefulness of auto, home, and life insurance becomes eminently clear when the creature takes a shine to Duane's property—first Duane's car, then Duane's house, then Duane himself—while the only two neighbors who aren't fleeing in terror offer wry commentary on the proceedings. Although actually, it turns out Duane doesn't need the life insurance. The colossus embeds him and his La-Z-Boy safely atop an SUV owned by another neighbor—who hopefully has some insurance as well.

It's extremely well done, with great work from The Mill on the design of the creature itself, as you can see in the behind-the-scenes video, posted below. In a sequel, perhaps the monster could track down Allstate's Mayhem guy and really show him who's boss.


Client: State Farm

Spot: "State of Chaos"

Agency: DDB, Chicago

Group Creative Director: Barry Burdiak

Creative Director: John Hayes

Creative Director/AD: Adam Glickman

Creative Director/CW: Craig Feigen

Executive Producer: Scott Kemper

Production Company: O Positive

Director: Jim Jenkins

Executive Producer: Ralph Laucella

Line Producer: Marc Grill

Director of Photography: Russell Carpenter

Production Designer: Jason Edmonds

Editorial Company: No6

Editor: Jason McDonald

Executive Producer: Toni Lipari

Post/FX: The Mill, New York

Producer: Camila De Biaggi

Shoot Supervisors: Westley Sarokin, Jeff Dates

Lead Flame: Westley Sarokin

Flame Artists: Gavin Wellsman, Keith Sullivan

Flame Assists: Suzanne Dyer, Rosalind Paridis, Melissa Graff, Brian Houlihan, Randy Krueger, Patrick Mahoney, Brendan Oneill

Lead CG Artist: Jeff Dates

CG Artists: Sandor Toledo, Chris Bernier

Concept Artists: Marc Moore, Rob Modini

Lead Animator: Jeff Lopez

Telecine: Fergus McCall

Telecine Producer: Claudia Guevara

Sound Design: Henryboy

Sound Designer: Bill Chesley

EP: Kate Gibson

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.