Ad of the Day: Spotify Helps Deaf People Hear in This Emotional New Spot

Sound comes alive in the Philippines

Headshot of Lauren Johnson

Hearing brings a world of joy to people, but it's a sense not everyone is lucky enough to have.

Spotify recently took a trip to Puerto Princesa, Philippines, with hearing aid manufacturer Starkey Hearing Foundation, to deliver hearing aids and free music to poor communities. This emotional spot from Night Agency and Tool director Alec Helm highlights a few of those stories.

The four-minute video introduces us to three different deaf people by showing short snippets from their everyday lives. While the stories differ, the common theme through all of them is family.

First, we meet Eugene, a 28-year old who has been deaf since he was a baby. Then there's Isagani, a father of three children who play music he wishes he could hear. And teenager Jessa Mae is the daughter of a fisherman, but has never heard the ocean.

The ad takes a sappy turn once Spotify and Starkey Hearing Foundation hook the three up with hearing aids. And then the music kicks in to show how it makes life more enjoyable.

"Make music change _________," reads the tagline at the end—with the blank filled by phrases, one after another, like "dancing with your friends," "time with your kids," etc.

While the ad clearly plugs Spotify, it's also a nice reminder how deafness affects a wide range of people. As part of the partnership with Starkey Hearing Foundation, people can also donate money online. For every $100 donated, one person receives hearing care.

Client: Spotify
Agency: Night Agency
Production Company: Tool
Director: Alec Helm

@laurenjohnson Lauren Johnson is a senior technology editor for Adweek, where she specializes in covering mobile, social platforms and emerging tech.