Ad of the Day: Sonic

The chain's food sends a customer into a musical phantasmagoria of delight

How good is Sonic's food? Good enough to make you hallucinate that you're flying through giant onion rings, riding a pickle rocket, dancing with rocking hot dogs, and lassoing enormous golden cheesy tots. That's the take-away from this hilarious new 60-second spot from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and Hungry Man director Hank Perlman—probably the best musical fast-food ad since Burger King's TenderCrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch commercial with Darius Rucker.

A man ordering at a Sonic drive-through is told he can get anything he wants on his burger. This sends him free-falling into a hallucinatory dreamscape full of giant Sonic food floating around and Sonic workers making kaleidoscopic Busby Berkeley moves in their roller-skates.

The visuals are great, particularly the tater-tot fireworks. (Visual-effects company The Mill says some inspiration came from The Dude's dream sequence in The Big Lebowski.) But it's the music—a parody of "You Can Do Magic," by America—that really tops things off, with lyrics that are stupidly and comically forced to rhyme. The actor is perfectly intoxicated as well, and the whole thing is so amusingly ludicrous that it's a shame we have to get yanked back to reality at the end.

With Crispin Porter + Bogusky losing Burger King, Sonic and Goodby seem to be angling to become the new kings of fast-food absurdism.


Client: Sonic

Spot: "Your Heart's Desire"

Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco

Producers: Elizabeth O'Toole (Executive), Brandon Romer

Creative Director: Margaret Johnson (Executive)

Creatives: Craig Mangan, Jack Woodworth (Copywriters)

Account Director: Hermon Ghermay

Business Affairs: Shannon Simon, Michael Graves

Group Account Director: Leslie Barrett

Production Company: Hungry Man Productions

Director: Hank Perlman

Executive Producer: Kevin Byrne, Dan Duffy, Cindy Becker

Producer: Caleb Dewart

Editing Company: HutchCo

Editor: Jim Hutchins

Edit Assist: Joaquin Machado

Postproduction/VFX Company: The Mill, Los Angeles

Executive Producer: Sue Troyan

VFX Producer: Enca Kaul

Shoot Supervisor: Chris Knight

2-D Lead Artist: Chris Knight

3-D Lead Artist: Nick Lines

2-D Artists: Paul O'Shea, Gizmo Rivera

Assist: Gavin Camp, Shane Zinkhon

Additional: Junior Nuke: Jennifer Stavish

Motion Graphics: Woodshop

Creative Director, Motion Graphics: Trevor Shepard

Executive Producer, Motion GFX: Sam Swisher

Music: Asche & Spencer

Music Producer: Janell Vircks

Sound Mixing: Jeff Payne, Eleven Studios