Ad of the Day: SNL’s Coneheads Remake the ‘Jake From State Farm’ Commercial

Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin dust off their '70s characters

The "Jake From State Farm" phenomenon shows no signs of slowing down, as the insurance company and DDB Chicago just remade the famous 2011 ad with Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin's Coneheads characters from Saturday Night Live.

State Farm has a deal with Lorne Michaels' Broadway Video Entertainment and its SNL properties—and the company previously cooked up spots with Rob Schneider's Richmeister and Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon's Hans and Franz characters.

In the new ad, Aykroyd and Curtin dust off their 1970s aliens (who were also the eponymous stars of a 1993 movie) to re-enact the husband and wife's bickering over a middle-of-the-night call to State Farm—all in the Coneheads' trademark extraterrestrial-speak.

A second Coneheads spot is expected to break in June.

The "Jake From State Farm" ad, which is technically called "State of Unrest," was a surprise hit for the brand, becoming a pop-culture success—beloved by many, loathed by some. Parodies of the spot abound on Vine, in particular. And State Farm has capitalized by, among other things, creating a Jake Twitter account and recently remaking the ad completely in emojis.

Check out a behind-the-scenes video for the Coneheads campaign below.


Client: State Farm

Agency: DDB Chicago                                              

John Maxham: Chief Creative Officer

Barry Burdiak: Group Creative Director

John Hayes: Group Creative Director

Bart Culberson: Creative Director

Chris Bruney: Art Director

Nick Novich: Copywriter

Andres Chacon: Art Director

Sean Peecook: Copywriter

Andrew Bloom: Creative Director (Online Videos)

Nathan Monteith: Creative Director (Online Videos)

Di Jackson: Director of Integrated Production

Scott Kemper: Executive Producer

Ryan Hentsch: Production Business Manager

Production Company: Hungry Man

Hank Perlman: Director

Kevin Byrne: Executive Producer

Thomas O’Malley: Line Producer

Edit: Cutters

Grant Gustafson: Editor

Aaron Kiser: Editor (Online Videos)

Patrick Casey: Producer

Edit: No. 6

Jason MacDonald: Editor (Jake)

Corina Dennison: Executive Producer

Finish: Filmworkers Club

Derek de Board: Executive Producer

Casey Swircz: Producer

Rob Churchill: VFX Supervisor

Behind the Scenes: Impact Entertainment

Deb Llanos, Executive Producer

Patrick Yonally, Creative Director