Ad of the Day: Sauza Tequila Lassos Another Hunk, and This Time He’s a Cowboy

Maker of the strangest margaritas in the West

The sensitive hunk and the hunky cowboy are two cornerstones of American advertising. Combined, they form the ultimate housewife fantasy: a man who will rescue you from the dangers of the Wild West and then ask you about your day. (And care about the answer!)

So, it makes sense that, in an effort to appeal to women, Sauza Tequila would employ such a perfect male specimen to star in its "Make It With a Cowboy" campaign. But after watching the spots, from La Comunidad, it's hard to avoid the feeling that something's a little … off.

Sort of like tasting a hint of beer in your margarita.

Clocking in at two minutes, "I'm All Ears" is the campaign's longest video. "What use is a good ear if it's not used for the greater good, like helping a lady relax by listening to what's on her mind?" asks the impeccably stubbled cowboy. "That would be like predicting next fall's 'in' collection and keeping it a secret from all your girlfriends." (Later, he Instagrams the landscape and shows off the cute phone case he found on Pinterest.)

In a minute-long spot, "Simple Things," the Sauza Cowboy emphasizes the importance of "finding a reliable hairstylist in a new city or having a spare set of flats to walk home in," then grabs a Sauza Sparkling Margarita that's inexplicably appeared atop a log floating down the creek.

This is the third hunky Sauza guy in as many years, following the "Make It With a Fireman" and "Make It With a Lifeguard" campaign. The overall tone—of the new cowboy ads in particular—is a strange mix of Kraft Zesty Guy's tongue-in-cheek sex appeal (the Zesty guy also played Sauza's lifeguard, in fact) and Old Spice poker-faced weirdness, but not quite as appealing as either.

Speaking of weird, it's time we address the biggest heard-scratcher in the "Make It With a Cowboy" campaign: its margarita recipe. In two of the three spots, the Sauza Cowboy provides directions for making the ultimate lady-relaxing marg. But you already know how to make a margarita—it's just tequila, lime juice and triple sec over ice, right?

Not according to this cowboy. His margarita, we learn, is comprised of a can of concentrated limeade (already questionable), water, tequila and—wait for it—one full bottle of light beer.

Yes, beer. In a margarita.

You might be super hot, Sauza Cowboy, but you have the bartending skills of Sandra Lee.


Client: Sauza Tequila

Agency: La Comunidad

Social: The Barbarian Group