Ad of the Day: Prudential

Droga5 films the same sunrise from coast to coast, but is it really a new day?

Prudential, the financial-services provider long branded as "the Rock," seems particularly bound to project a certain degree of orthodoxy. So, it's not a surprise that hot shop Droga5's much-anticipated and well-funded creative debut for the company doesn't feel all that groundbreaking. But in fact, it might be, for the client and the category. The shoot involved 100 cameras filming the same sunrise from coast to coast—an impressive feat of production, though it's not obvious from watching the video itself. Still, the commercial is well executed, stringing together a montage of visually compelling, if mostly clichéd, American landscapes. The camera cuts roughly 60 times in 60 seconds, with a number of the images flickering past quickly, contributing to a net effect that's more subliminal than explicit. (Fair warning: If you're prone to motion sickness and actually attempt to track what you're seeing, the choppy moments in the sequence might inspire a bit of nausea.)

@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.