Ad of the Day: PETA and Morrissey Team Up in Powerful Plea for Veganism

Lends song to short film for his birthday

At its worst, PETA can be preachy, hypocritical and gratingly annoying. But at its best, the animal welfare group is a savvy emotional storyteller that can make even the most voracious omnivore take a pause.

This new animated short film, Someday, set to the 1992 track "I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday" from the famously vegan Morrissey, is definitely an example of the latter.

Set to be shown during Morrissey's upcoming tour, the video—animated by Anna Saunders—follows the dreary life of a newborn chick snatched from its mother and raised in a dark-caged existence. Bleak stuff, sure. But by PETA standards, it's practically a Saturday morning cartoon. We're spared the usual gruesome scenes of torture, allowing us to focus on the simple sadness of a child separated from its mom.

It's similar in spirit to Chipotle's The Scarecrow, but despite the dramatically lower production values, Someday is more emotionally effective. Will it make the average nugget nosher quit chicken for life? No. But PETA clearly seems focused on winning over those already considering veganism as a possibility.

Morrissey turns 55 on Thursday, and PETA has been celebrating in the U.K. by stenciling the words "Meat is still murder" on city streets. But as it notes in a statement, "The best way for anyone to celebrate Morrissey's birthday is to go vegan—not 'someday,' but today."

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