Ad of the Day: Old Spice

Terry Crews is back, and multiplying, in W+K's work for the brand's new shave gel

Headshot of Tim Nudd

He's the man your man could shave like.

Terry Crews, the most notable Old Spice guy these days—last seen in the amusing Muscle Music interactive campaign last fall—is back in a pair of new Old Spice spots pushing the brand's new shave gel.

The product may be new, but the approach from Wieden + Kennedy is familiar. A shirtless Crews shouts a lot while all sorts of absurdist mayhem erupts around him. In one spot, he is verbally accosted by a pair of talking socks, a talking waffle iron and talking solar panels, all arguing about who is newer—only to be one-upped by Terry's new son (and of course, the shave gel). In the other, Crews emerges from the giant beard of a long-hospitalized man who's desperately in need of a shave.

As usual, the digital elements of the campaign are also robust. For today only, the brand has taken over the YouTube masthead and is asking visitors: "Are ________ newer than Old Spice Shave Gel?" Entering any noun takes you to a website which declares that the noun "ain't newer than new Old Spice Shave Gel."

Old Spice partnered with Getty Images on the site, which uses a Getty application to pull in photos based on the noun—and can thus generate millions of unique sites.


Client: Old Spice

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore.


Creative Directors: Jason Bagley / Craig Allen

Copywriter: Eric Fensler

Art Director: Max Erdenberger

Senior Producer: Lindsay Reed

Account Supervisor: Liam Doherty

Executive Creative Directors: Joe Staples / Susan Hoffman

Head of Production: Ben Grylewicz

Production Companies: Fatal Farm

Director: Zachary Johnson / Jeffrey Max

Editorial Company: Fatal Farm

VFX Company: Fatal Farm

Mix Company: Joint

Mixer: Charlie Keating


Creative Directors: Craig Allen, Jason Bagley, Matt O'Rourke

Copywriter: Shaine Edwards

Art Director: Max Erdenberger

Account Team: Liam Doherty

Executive Creative Directors: Joe Staples / Susan Hoffman

Digital Designer: Ken Berg

Creative Technologist: Stephen Schieberl

Interactive Producer: Andrew Abraham

Director of Digital Production: Pierre Wendling

Art Buying: Heather Smith Harvey

Interactive Studio Artist: Oliver Rokoff

Development Partner Company: By HOOK

Lead Developer: Norm McGarry

Partner/Producer: David Evans

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.