Ad of the Day: Noblesse

Finally, chocolate that's as thin as you are

Women's relationship with chocolate is an often complicated thing—love crossed with guilt. The answer, for many, is to avoid the stuff altogether, as the three women do at the beginning of this ethereal, fairy-tale-like Swedish commercial for Noblesse. The dainty, aristocratic ladies sit around a table by candlelight in a darkened hall, pretending to eat decadent sweets. They actually mime the act of picking up chocolates delicately between thumb and forefinger, elegantly placing them on their tongues and smiling in ludicrous mock satisfaction. Of course, there must be a better way—and a hint arrives via a mysterious letter shoved under the door. The note simply shows a drawing of a thumb and forefinger clasped together—which puts the women at ease for some reason, as they open the door to welcome a fourth lady in. They sit back down and tuck in to some wafer-thin Noblesse chocolates, which, it turns out, is almost like eating nothing at all. That last notion is captured in the final shot, where a woman only has to hover her fingers near the pile of wafer-thin chocolates, and one magically appears between her fingertips. "Noblesse. Uniquely thin chocolate," says the onscreen copy. Perhaps they've been miming the act of eating the Noblesse all along, as they waited for their friend. Either way, you know you're after a certain demographic when your main selling point for your chocolate is that it's thin, not that it's any good. The spot is oddly charmingly, though, with whimsical touches like tiny sped-up sections that lend a dreamlike air to it. And air is really what they're selling, with just a hint of chocolate taste.


Agency: Ingo, Stockholm

Copywriter: Christina Knight

Art Director: Richard Baynam

Agency Producer: Jenny Serneholt

Production Company: B-Reel

Director: Johan Perjus

Director of Photography: Erik Sohlstrom

Producer: Patrik Gyllstrom

Post Production: Syndicate

Account Manager: Helene Daniels

Editor: Fredrik Karlsson