Ad of the Day: MTV

'Teen Mom' teddy bear wishes you a mischievous Mother's Day

In celebration of Mother's Day, here's a great 60-second spot from director Jonathan Gurvit for MTV Latin America, promoting the show Teen Mom. Anyone who's ever seen the program knows there's an inherent tension in watching teenagers try to take care of babies while at the same time struggling mightily not to be simply themselves—i.e., carefree, irresponsible young people. This spot takes the viewer's innate empathy for the kids involved and wonderfully invents a hero and advocate for them—a teddy bear, that emblem of innocence, who comes to life and intervenes (sometimes mischievously) to protect them from the baser instincts of their mothers. It's a joy to watch—stylish, fantastically detailed and, in the end, weirdly upbeat and optimistic. That's because the tagline, "Think like a teen. Act like a mom," implies that these moms can take responsibility for their situation. The teddy bear isn't some stranger who arrives to save the day. He's a metaphor for the mothers' self-restraint and courage to triumph in their condition—to behave responsibly for the sake of their kids, despite the natural urge to do otherwise. After all, even teen moms can see Mother's Day as a cause for celebration.


Client: MTV Networks/"Teen Mom"


Dgc: Sean Saylor

Dc: Juan Frontini

C: Nico Sommer

AD: Nacho Gil

Director: Jonathan Gurvit

Production Company:

DP: Atahualpa Rojas Bermudez

Art direction: Sole Calvano

Stylist: Clarisa Furtado

Postproduction: PICKLE

Color: Cinecolor

Music: Papamusic