Ad of the Day: Mini Packs a Load of Horror Into a Roomy Countryman for Halloween

Who's the scariest of them all?

Is there anything scarier than rampaging zombie pageant girls? I submit to you that there is, and it's highway driving in a Mini.

Still, this spot manages to point up one thing that the Mini brand of go-karts—I'm sorry, compact cars—gets unfairly dinged for: They are, in fact, surprisingly spacious. The Countryman model comfortably seats a jock in his letter jacket, a bobby soxer, an axe murderer and a chainsaw-wielding psychopath.

Created by director Steve Mapp and Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, the ad drops just in time for Halloween, appropriately. While they could have gone the clown route (since the Mini is a clown car, and clowns are the direct creation of Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies), that might have reinforced unpleasant stereotypes.

It's a good spot for a 45-second hit, with the couple running through the woods, the central gag of the monsters who are afraid of little girls, and plenty of showcase time for the car's features. (I love that they mention the seven airbags. Seven?! Where do they fit? Are they doll-size?)

My only problem is that I sort of suspect these kids at the end are supposed to be zombies or something (isn't the one girl's dress a "bloody" spattered red?). But they mostly look adorable in their little tiaras. Run, they're going to hug you to death! Either that, or kiddie beauty-pageant contestants are just inherently terrifying? Or maybe Godzilla is behind them. (Save that for the :60.)

Anyway: safety. (The Countryman is also a 2013 IIHS top safety pick.) If there's one thing these people can feel as the adrenaline pumps through their veins and they flee in bone-shaking terror from hordes of miniature murderers, with two bonus fiends in the backseat, it's safe.


Client: Mini

Agency: Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners

Executive Creative Director: John Butler

Creative Director, Director: Steve Mapp

Creative Director: Lyle Yetman

Senior Copywriter: Heath Pochucha

Director of Broadcast Production: Adrienne Cummins

Senior Producer: Luke Rzewnicki

Production Company: Tool of North America

Executive Producer: Oliver Fuselier

President: Brian Latt

Line Producer: Kelly Christensen

Editing Company: Cut and Run

Editor: Pete Koob

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