Ad of the Day: Microsoft Surface Pro

Jon M. Chu choreographs another high-octane number for the tablet you can dance to

The Microsoft Surface user who makes everyone around him burst out into enthusiastic dance moves is back. And this time it's professional.

This new ad for the Surface Pro is slicker and better focused than the previous one for the Surface RT, which I still liked but which many of you fine folks pointed out had its problems—most notably, huge fingerprints all over the screen in one of the last shots. (It's OK. Perfectionism is what makes you Adweek readers.)

But the new ad—Jon M. Chu directed both—is structured in a way the old one wasn't. It's set at a business meeting that appears to take place entirely in User Von Microsoft's head, in which the click-clack of his tablet's snap-together keyboard attachment and the bonking of his stylus are a symphony of martial taps and rolls just before the faux dubstep wubs and wurrrrrs.

The best moment here is the boss walking into the boardroom where leggy secretaries and fly junior execs are dancing like they're in the Rob Ashford revival of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. And instead of what's-all-this-ing them back to their cubicles, takes off his fancy coat and breaks it down while his beatboxing assistant drops some bass all over that nice clean floor.

This is basically the end to all movies about college, where the crusty old dean is admonished not to be such a square by an even more senior administrator, except there's no crusty old dean—just you, the viewer, who didn't give enough credit to this boss for being cool when he first walked in with his expensive glasses and his dance-proof trenchcoat.

He took off that coat and showed you, didn't he? What, bosses can't dance? Bosses aren't cool? We've had it with your attitude, prospective Surface Pro user. You're fired.


Client: Microsoft

Director: Jon M. Chu

Music: The Bangerz