Ad of the Day: Meet the Crazy Cameraman Who Films Every Kill in Call of Duty

Randall Higgins is not messing around

One of the great mean-spirited pleasures of multiplayer gaming is knowing that whenever you finally seize the day and blow your enemy to smithereens, he or she has to watch it on instant replay.

But who does the difficult work of chronicling that demise and then shoving it in the person's face? Have you ever thought about that?

No, you haven't. Because you're selfish.

But Call of Duty has. Randall Higgins (played in 72andSunny's ad below by Rob Huebel, late of both Amazon's Golden Globe-winning Transparent and, of course, Adult Swim's offbeat drama TV parody Children's Hospital) is just such a "killcameraman." And he has a lot to say about his difficult, underappreciated (again: we blame you) job, taking time out of his busy schedule to walk us through the new DLC pack, Havoc, that's coming out for Activision's new Call of Duty game, Advanced Warfare.

We broke down the way the DLC rollouts work back in October—it's a great way to keep consumer dollars coming in without requiring them to sign up for a service (which is a hard sell to the generation that loves CoD). And this one sounds fun: exo-suited zombies, murderous clowns and a nuclear reactor are just a few of the attractions.

Also there's a gun called the Widowmaker ("They don't call it the Friendmaker for a reason," Higgins observes). And there's that cool Raconteurs song, too.

Anyway, think of somebody besides yourself for once. Like Randall.


Client: Activision

Project: "Randall Higgins: KillCameraman"

Agency: 72andSunny


CEO Activision Publishing: Eric Hirshberg

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