Ad of the Day: McDonald’s

With the Bacon, Chicken and Onion sandwich, three is the magic number

Some combinations are greater than the sum of their parts. In this feel-good spot for McDonald's Bacon, Chicken and Onion sandwich, the brand focuses on the virtues of the number three—with every element of the ad pitching in to emphasize how well the each of the snack’s namesake ingredients complement one another.

Titled “Go with the Flow” and created by Leo Burnett London, the spot opens on three hands setting up a small, portable radio, and turning the volume knob to three. As the classic Schoolhouse Rock song “Three is a Magic Number” kicks in, three painters go about redoing a home’s interior of a home. A flurry of collaboration ensues, as the craftsmen deftly toss paint cans, brushes and rollers back and forth, even countering each other on a makeshift seesaw to reach the top of the walls. The troupe completes the task with alacrity, and then takes off to grab lunch: Bacon, Chicken and Onion sandwiches, naturally, the three components of which, we’re told by the voiceover, work together “in perfect harmony.” Just like the spot's heroes. 

Unfortunately, for those viewers around the world hoping to taste the trinity and judge for themselves, the BCO only appears to be available in the U.K. and Ireland. 



Client: McDonald's

Spot: "Go With the Flow"

Agency: Leo Burnett, London

Creatives: Rik Brown and Jon Fox

Agency Producer: Kirsten Kates

Production Company: Blinkink

Director: Simon Willows

Producer: James Stevenson Bretton

Director of Photography: John Lynch

Production Designer: Sam Riley

Choreography: Robert Hylton

Editor: Mark Aarons

Post-Production: MPC

Music: "3 Is A Magic Number" by Bob Dorough