Ad of the Day: Lurpak

Wieden + Kennedy makes vegetables fun with another meticulously crafted visual treat for the butter brand

Vegetables can taste good, too, says dairy brand Lurpak—so long as you drench them in a buttery spread.

Wieden + Kennedy in London is doubling down on a bid to create the ultimate food porn in Britain—following up last year's epic omelet ad for Lurpak butter with a new singsong spot that promotes the brand's healthier "Lightest Spreadable" offering, made from butter and vegetable oil. The new ad takes a more playful tone than its fattier predecessor but reprises the same meticulous production values, focusing on brilliant colors, sharp timing, masterful close-up camera work and a well-seasoned soundtrack.

"Whoever said green things were boring was so . . . un . . . cool," opens the voiceover, punctuating a bright green pea's descent into a pot of boiling water. A montage of healthy-food prep progresses, as Rutger Hauer offers a nursery-rhyme narration of the action—chopping, dicing, peeling, mashing and so forth. (The less-appetizing verb "gutting" is left to the imagination, as one cook cuts his thumb while slicing open the belly of a fish.) "We're cooking up a rainbow today . . . Healthy doesn't have to taste humdrum," assures Hauer, an apparent nod to the kid who appears earlier, looking bored out of his mind.

The ad grates a bit on repeated listening, and if you watch too intently, some of the camera work might actually quell, rather than stir up, your appetite. Overall, though, the ad does a great job of dramatizing the mundane, delivering an on-product message about the apparently magical power of butter to make everything more delicious.


Client: Lurpak

Spot: "Be Wonderful and Wise"

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, London

Production Company: Blink

Director: Dougal Wilson

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