Ad of the Day: Little Caesars

BFG 9000 serves up quick, zany clips for pizza chain

Landing a big fish is exciting. So is getting a pizza for $5. So are dachshunds. So is landing a big fish. So is getting a pizza for $5 …

This week, Little Caesars launched its first work from its new agency Barton F. Graf 9000—two ads featuring the sort of off-the-wall comedy that's a signature element of Gerry Graf's classic work for big network shops as well as the creative his startup has been cranking out for its growing roster of clients like Dish and Kayak. The Little Caesars spots, reportedly part of the brand's first national campaign in 15 years, include its iconic cartoon mascot—and his familiar "Pizza! Pizza!" cry—as a kicker. But the spots themselves are fresh, short and sweet: One, a :30, opens on a park on a sunny day, where a fisherman hoists his catch overhead and lets fly a victory whoop. A stranger sitting on a nearby bench, swept up in the spirit of the moment, mimics the action—only his prize is a pie from Little Caesars. A passerby joins in, raising her pint-sized—and incredibly zen—canine to the heavens. So goes a feedback loop of joy. 

The second ad, a :15, shows a pair of grinning young siblings racing into a room to share big news—they've bought a pizza for only $5—with their grandfather. He reacts with a credible dose of good-natured enthusiasm. "Well paint me blue and call me 'babe.'" Then he pulls out a can of pigment from under his seat. "I'm serious," he insists.

Both offer feel-good slices of life with enough of a surreal twist to keep them interesting. They also sell the product. Sure, they might seem a little random. But they're funny, memorable—and they don't waste your time.

Check them out below.


Client: Little Caesars

Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, Corporate Relations: Edward Gleich 

Senior Vice President, Marketing, Communications: Linda Jaworski 

Senior Director of Advertising: Walt Frederiksen

Creative Director: Gary Savone

Agency: Barton F. Graf 9000

Founder, Chief Creative Officer: Gerry Graf

Executive Creative Director: Eric Kallman

Copywriter, Art Director: David Suarez

Copywriter, Art Director: Danny Gonzalez

Producer: Amanda Revere

Account Manager: Jenny Richardi

Production Company: Station Film

Director: Harold Einstein

Executive Producer: Eric Liney

Editing: Mackenzie Cutler

Editor: Gavin Cutler

Assistant Editor: Ryan Steele

Executive Producer: Sasha Hirschfeld

Audio: Heard City

Audio Engineer: Philip Loeb

Music: Egg Music

Color: Co3

Colorist: Tim Masick