Ad of the Day: LG Goes Over the Edge With Own Head-Stabilized Chicken

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Chickens, you may be surprised to hear, are having a major moment. And not in the food sense. (Or in the Martha Stewart-y, rare chicken breed collector sense.) Somewhat improbably, the humble fowl's talent for head tracking—or keeping its head nearly still even while its body is moving—has become a popular inspiration for ads highlighting stability features in high-tech devices.

Early this year, Fujifilm released a spot starring a white chicken being manipulated by a man in a lab coat, as its head stays steady. (That gallinaceous "technology," according to Fujifilm, is much like the image stabilizer in its latest camera.) Then, last month, Mercedes-Benz debuted an ad with a whole fleet of birds being similarly controlled by human hands while their heads remain motionless. (In this case, the chickens are like Mercedes' Magic Body Control suspension system, because chickens are magic.)

By now, you'd think the chicken head-tracking concept would be played out, but apparently LG didn't get the memo. This week it unveiled its own version, titled "Steady Feathers," from Amsterdam creative agency Superheroes. The ad's overall conceit is pretty much the same as its predecessors'—look how cool this chicken trick is, and look how it's like [insert gadget here]—but the story, at least, is different.

Instead of a pair of disembodied hands, the chicken gets a sidekick: Dave, a cameraman, sees a video of a chicken doing its head-tracking thing on YouTube and decides to strap a tiny helmet cam to his own chicken's head (because he has a chicken hanging around) and use his new chicken-slash-steadicam, dubbed a "Galluscam," to film various adventures.

"Steady Feathers" may be far from original—after seeing it a few times, the wow factor of this particular chicken talent starts to dwindle—but the spot's absurdity (a chicken wearing a helmet at a concert is a pretty great image) makes it feel slightly less like a rehash of something you've seen before.

Still—let's agree to make this the last one.


Client: LG

Agency: Superheroes, Amsterdam