Ad of the Day: Kim Kardashian Just Made One Seriously Strange Ad for an Energy Drink

Channeling Marie Antoinette, Audrey Hepburn

Kim Kardashian West sports seven costumes and channels famous female figures in history, including Marie Antoinette and Audrey Hepburn, in this two-and-a-half-minute ad for Hype Energy Drink.

It's an odd narrative that doesn't make much sense, spending over a minute of its run time inside a dreamy Palace of Versailles-like setting. It has the look and feel of a fashion film—most of which don't make a lick of sense (which is fine when you're trying to showcase a new collection).

The problem here is that this isn't a fashion film. This is a film about Hype Energy Drink and how it helps Kim hallucinate that she is different important women throughout history? Is that it? I'm not sure.

Confusing narratives in ads are fine. They can even be a fun way to make the viewer pay attention, especially for particularly dry products. But this one, while well shot, doesn't quite know where to focus the consumer's attention.

Sure, using historical figures like Marie Antoinette and Audrey Hepburn and connecting them through a delusion is fun, and if that's the whole narrative, it works. But at the end of the ad, we cut to the future, with Kim mugging for the camera in more and more costumes. Why? Are these meant to be the famous women of the future? How do they connect?

If anything, the ad functions as a public safety announcement for helmets. The only bit of the narrative that is clear is that Kim, here wearing bangs and channeling Audrey Hepburn, has fallen from her bike and hit her head.