Ad of the Day: Julia Louis-Dreyfus Is an Insanely Overbearing Mom in Her Best Old Navy Ads Yet

Still dressing her tween son

Veep actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus is back to star in more commercials for Old Navy, and this time she's an uptight suburban smother mother helping promote back-to-school sales.

Last seen holding up an elevator full of people, she is way less obnoxious in this new work from agency Chandelier, which isn't necessarily saying much given that she's basically torturing her poor, overdressed son by being shamelessly overbearing on his first day.

She does get an assist from the world's least sassy pre-teens, who also know a surprising amount about the costs of their clothes and are very eager to share that information with an adult, rather than just giving her the side-eye she deserves. It's probably safe to say her son will pay in a pound of flesh later, though.

As usual, parts of the outtakes are better than the spots themselves. That's especially true when Louis-Dreyfus riffs for the Picture-day commercial, doing a great version of an entitled cell-phone conversation.

She has, in older commercials for Old Navy,  also proved to be the world's most useless couples therapist, extravagant aunt, and socially inept holiday host. Amy Poehler recently starred in a number of ads for the retailer, as everything from a lawyer to a burrito server. Before that, Old Navy put out spots featuring Melissa McCarthy and Debra Wilson.

In other words, these fit solidly in the brand's oeuvre of silly ads featuring prominent female comics, and they're Louis-Dreyfus' best so far. The only real problem is that the kid actually looks more fly in his suit than the vagabonds do in their street clothes, even if it is true that the Argyle sweater vest is a classic instrument of embarrassment for middle schoolers.


Client: Old Navy

Agency: Chandelier

Creative Directors: Richard Christiansen, Lena Kuffner

Associate Creative Director: Michael Scanlon

Executive Producer: Sara Fisher

Account Director: Eileen Eastburn

Production Coordinator: Camilla Rothenberg

Writers: Josh Meyers, Laura Kraftt, Brad Hall, Patty Wortham, Matt Goldman

Producers: Chris Noble, Jill Andresevic

Production Company: Hungry Man

Director: Wayne McClammy

Executive Producers: Mino Jarjoura, Dan Duffy

Line Producer: Dave Bernstein

DP: Guillermo Navarro

Editorial: Final Cut NYC

Editor: Paul Zucker

Assistant Editor: Betty Jo Moore

President: Stephanie Apt

Executive Producer: Lauren Bleiweiss

Post Producer: Mackenzie Alexander

Telecine: Color Collective

Colorist: Alex Bickel

Producer: Claudia Guevara

Audio Post: Sonic Union

Mixer: Mike Marinelli

Visual Effects Studio: Significant Others

2D Visual Effects Artist: Dirk Greene

Producer: Alek Rost

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