Ad of the Day: Jean-Claude Van Damme Weirdly Keeps the Beat for Go Daddy

'It's go time,' says Deutsch spot

Headshot of Emma Bazilian

Over the years, Go Daddy has developed a reputation for raising eyebrows with provocative ads starring very voluptuous women wearing very little clothing. The Web-hosting company's latest effort might be even more of a shocker than usual—not because of any X-rated themes, but because it doesn't have any sexy women at all. And because it's just really weird.

The new spot, from Deutsch in New York, titled "The Baker," opens with the owner of a small bakery at work in his kitchen. Thanks to his new Go Daddy website, he's getting lots of online orders—and seems to be getting a bit overwhelmed. And then, out of nowhere, '90s action star Jean-Claude Van Damme appears, in full split position, playing a pair of bongos. (OK, so the sexual innuendo isn't entirely gone.)

A second later, he's up near the ceiling, shaking two maracas while maintaining a manic smile. And then he's in the fridge—still in a split—blowing on panpipes so forcefully that flames are coming out the other end. Finally, an upside-down Van Damme takes a break from his musical efforts to tell the baker, "It's go time." The baker, while slightly confused, is surprisingly unfazed.

Go Daddy is working hard to achieve a sort of hip bizarreness here—Jean-Claude Van Damme playing the bongos?! OMG, so random!—but nonetheless, it's nice to see the brand try something that doesn't involve a buxom model in a tiny tank top. Here's hoping that next winter we might be spared the annual Super Bowl cringe fest.


Client: Go Daddy

Agency: Deutsch, New York

@adweekemma Emma Bazilian is Adweek's features editor.