Ad of the Day: James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell Get Dramatic for Sprint

Actors reenact phone calls

To be honest, the announcer's banter here is funnier than the staged performance of the phone call. But it's still kind of great to see James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell perform together in this Sprint commercial, even if it's only to try to find each other in a department store. Apparently there's more of this to come, too.

"Today, we honor a phone call between Mr. and Mrs. Lewis," bellows the announcer. And then we get Jones and McDowell across a downlit stage from one another. (Funniest line: "I think I see you. Nope, wasn't you."—Jones.) You're mostly laughing at the concept, because the deliveries are kind of rushed—maybe it's edited together too choppily. Both of these guys have really slow, resonant deliveries, and the lines are pushed on top of each other to hit the even 30 seconds. (This is McDowell's first ad ever, by the way.)

Still, the concept is really funny, and it seems likely that the ads will get better as they roll out over the year. This is an ongoing campaign from Team Sprint—Leo Burnett and DigitasLBi. Expect the digital parts of the campaign to be able to breathe a little more, too.

The campaign's goal is to "celebrate all the important things you do on the Sprint network," and if that's not a branding note ripe for abuse, I don't know what is. Can we have an Anthony Weiner spot, performed by Ian McKellen and Maggie Smith? A dramatic reading of texts to your weed connection by Daniel Day-Lewis? I think we can. There's already an awards ceremony. Get on it, Sprint.


Client: Sprint

Campaign: "Everything's Important"

Spot: "Lost"

Agency: Team Sprint – Leo Burnett and DigitasLBi

Chief Creative Officer: Susan Credle

Creative Director: Michael Boychuk

Creative Director: Suzanne Michaels

VP, Art Director: Nuno Ferriera

Copywriter: Ryan Wolin

Executive Producer: Nicky Furno

Producer: Juan Woodbury

Production Company: Biscuit

Director: Noam Murro

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