Ad of the Day: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey

A biker bee gets its buzz on

The connection is obvious now (it's the honey, stupid), but had you suggested a few months ago that a Jack Daniel's commercial would center around the flight of a bumblebee, you would have seen more than a few raised eyebrows. This new spot from Arnold heralds the Southern distiller's first new-product launch in 14 years—for Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey. We watch what at first appears to be a high-end nature show, revealing in detail the daily lives of our insect brethren. An ant appears first, but is suddenly dwarfed by a bumblebee crawling up a leaf, filling the screen. Nature. Glory. Detail. The bee takes flight, and this frenetic little creature seems laid back, confident, huge. But wait—look closely and you see the bee is wearing goggles and a crash helmet. Why, it's a biker bee, and it mimics its stereotypical human counterpart, slowly yet energetically making its way through the swamp to alight on a bottle of Jack Daniel's—the new honey flavor, of course. The effect is completed with some nice, dirty guitar work from the Stone Foxes, described on their Wikipedia page as a blend of country, rock, and blues. That choice of music could not have been better, and the end result transplants the viewer to stickier, Southern parts. Where it's hot, and you're thirsty, and . . .

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Client: Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey

Agency: Arnold, Boston

Spot: "King Bee"

Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat

Group Creative Director: Wade Devers

Art Directors: Jeremy Boland, Wade Devers, Allie Hughes

Writer: Peter Hughes

Agency Producers: Billy Near, Bill Goodell, Ben Ouellette

Group Account Director: Paul Nelson

Account Director: Nate Stewart

Account Manager: Shannon Coletti

Director: Pete Candeland

Production Company: Passion Pictures