Ad of the Day: IKEA

'Playfight' spot is a sexy bedroom romp by Mother London

Your bedroom isn’t just for boring, grown-up stuff like reading or sleeping. It can also be a venue for all sorts of youthful fun, like flirtatious pillow fights with your significant other, says IKEA.

The first spot in the brand’s “Happy to Bed” campaign, created by Mother London, opens on a young man who’s dozed off on his couch, when a stuffed animal—lobbed by an unseen culprit—catches him full on in the face. Startled awake, he gives pursuit through the backyard and up a rope ladder into a tree house, ostensibly meant to symbolize childhood nostalgia. There, he and his plush-moose-hurling wife engage in an epic, no-holds-barred pillow fight, set in what could easily be taken for an immaculate IKEA showroom.

As the frenzied couple flings bedding and socks back and forth, the contest escalates, and ultimately leads to a lights-out, under-the-covers tussle. The pair emerges breathless—him down to his boxers and her wearing his oxford. After a brief pause, the camera cuts to an external angle on the house, and we witness the defenestration of one last pillow. “Everything you need to go to bed,” flashes across the screen. "Happy inside." In other words, decking out your digs with color-coordinated trappings doesn't mean settling into a stuffy snooze-fest of an existence.

Matching furniture set or no, though, most married grown-ups probably don’t need to be told the bedroom is good for more than just a little shut-eye.



Client: IKEA

Spot: "Playfight"

Creative Agency: Mother

Director: Martin Krejci

Production Company: Stink

Producer: Ben Croker

Editor: Filip Malasek

Postproduction: Tom Sparks, One of Us/The Mill

Audio Postproduction: Factory

Sound Design: Jan Muchow

Director of Photography: Stepan Kucera