Ad of the Day: Grandmas Know What Grown Princesses Want for Christmas, and It’s Not a Pony

More offbeat holiday cheer from adam&eveDDB

Christmas creep is pretty much here, so it's time for an ad about opening gifts. Luckily, this one's good for some laughs.

The spot, for Mulberry, is adam&eveDDB's first work for the high-end British fashion retailer. And indeed, in its timing and staging, it's bound to evoke another famous adam&eveDDB production—last year's "I Spent It on Myself" campaign for Harvey Nichols.

But the storyline runs in the opposite direction.

A family of means competes for the affection of their resident preppy princess. Naturally, suspense abounds … who will win? The darling artsy sister? The smug mother? The even more smarmy beau? Or the grandmother who's been around long enough to know what life's really about, and that everyone else is just trying way too hard?

It's probably best to watch before reading, since a lot of the fun is in the reveals. But suffice it to say, you'll like the ad if you're a sucker for cute dogs—especially ones that do nifty tricks. And before you roll your eyes like Grandma at the lofty airs of the fop getting his lady a horse (what is he, nouveau riche?)—you should know it isn't just any horse.

The punch line can't help but be a little disappointing, just because the setup is so good, and a hard sales pitch is only ever so rewarding. But the spot does save itself with the pure insanity of the princess's celebration, and Grandma's no-nonsense bead on her descendant's bratty tastes (though let's be real, she probably would have been happy so long as she upstaged Mom).

In other words, Mulberry gets points for ribbing its target, even if there's some logic to the materialism: A $1,700 purse has to require less maintenance than a purebred puppy, and certainly, one imagines, a unicorn.

As for the sister, who knows what she was thinking?


Client: Mulberry

Project Name: #WinChristmas

Creative Agency: adam&eveDDB, London

Executive Creative Directors: Ben Priest, Ben Tollet, Emer Stamp

Creative Directors: Richard Brim, Daniel Fisher

Copywriter: Miles Carter

Art Director: Sophie Knox

Business Director: Paul Billingsley

Account Manager: Olivia Chittenden

Production Company: Rattling Stick

Director: Andy McLeod

Editor: Johnnie Scarlett, The Quarry

Soundtrack Name, Composer: When It’s Christmas Time 5 (1792/41) David Tobin (PRS/BMI) Jeff Meegan (BMI) Charley Harrison (ASCAP)

Illustrator: Harry Malt

Postproduction: Big Buoy

Audio Postproduction: Wave