Ad of the Day: Girls Are Unstoppable in Next Phase of Always ‘Like a Girl’ Campaign

They smash their limitations in latest Leo Burnett spot

Last summer, Procter & Gamble's Always scored a big hit with its stereotype-crushing "Like a Girl" ad, which then got a slot on the Super Bowl. Now, the feminine products brand is back with another powerful commercial aimed at building the confidence of women.

The new Leo Burnett ad, "Unstoppable," is directed, like its predecessor, by documentarian Lauren Greenfield. And it features a diverse group of girls and young women talking about the limitations they've experienced as a result of social norms.

It's particularly heartbreaking when one kid suggest she doesn't feel like she can be a hero—because in all the stories, it's always the boys doing the rescuing. But eventually she and the other interviewees start kicking and standing on literal cardboard boxes symbolizing the limits they hope to conquer.

That sequence borders on melodramatic, and risks feeling a bit like a kind of hokey corporate trust-building exercise. But it also effectively punches up an incredibly important message. And the consensus among commenters so far seems to be that it resonates.

Indeed, it's almost easy to forget the brand is ultimately hawking product.

Always is also partnering with TED, the nonprofit devoted to disseminating ideas, to develop and spread confidence-inspiring content through TED-Ed, an educational platform specializing in lessons worth sharing.

Client: Always, Procter & Gamble
Agency: Leo Burnett

@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.