Ad of the Day: FreeCreditScore

Two years after getting kicked to the curb, the original band is back

You just can't keep a bad band down.

Well, that's not entirely fair. The original band, led by French Canadian frontman Eric Voilette, were actually pretty good—at lodging infernally catchy ditties in your brain via the infamous so-bad-it's-good ad campaign by The Martin Agency. But in 2010, two and a half years into the campaign, the client abruptly ditched Voilette and friends and held a contest to find a new band. For the past two years, the American Secrets—who won the contest—have been the voice of FreeCreditScore, performing at live events and in TV spots.

But now, the client has come to its senses and reinstated the Original Band. (Yes, they are called, simply, the Original Band.)

The spot below, breaking this Monday, sees Voilette and his bandmates cruising around town in a weird ugly aqua-blue convertible, telling America to get ready because they're back! "Our look is slacker-chic and our sound is hard-core/And we're here to drop a rhyme about FreeCreditScore," sings Voilette, who has the same cheese-eating smirk and monotone delivery as ever. "Many fans continued to lobby for the Original Band to return," the company tells Adweek. Well, here you go—happy now?

Two more spots are forthcoming, so if this first song doesn't worm its way into your ear and hold on for dear life, perhaps one of those will. Don't blame the band, though. All of the music for the new spots (as well as the old ones) was composed by Martin Agency copywriter Dave Muhlenfeld, who has started his own music company, English Major LLC, and written songs for Walmart, Comcast and others.


Client –

Agency – The Martin Agency, Richmond, Va.

CCO – John Norman

Executive Creative Director – Joe Alexander

Group Creative Director – Andy Azula

CD/Art Director – Steve Sage

Copywriter – Dave Muhlenfeld

Strategic Planner – Geoff Sheldon

Account Director – Kathryn Leake

Account Executive – Ryan Thompson

Agency Broadcast Producers – Brett Alexander, Brian Camp

Agency Junior Producer – Amy Marek

Production Company – Independent Media

Director – Danny Leiner

Editorial Company – Mondial

Music/Composer – David Muhlenfeld, English Major LLC