Ad of the Day: E*Trade

The baby, now best man at a wedding, pitches a new investing dashboard

E*Trade's new investing tool is so easy to use, even the E*Trade baby's man-child of a best friend can do it. Maybe.

The financial company's infant spokesman is back in a new spot from Grey, New York, and he's now playing the role of best man at a buddy's wedding. The groom is a bit of a doofus, spending what should be one of the happier moments in his life—watching his bride walk down to aisle—freaking out over pressure from his soon-to-be father-in-law to be a good breadwinner. It's no wonder the dad has his doubts about the groom's competence, given he's standing at the altar talking to a child in a high chair. The baby maintains his perennial cool, of course, dishing out advice on how E*Trade can help manage money well with its new "360 investing dashboard." The sales-pitch wisdom is pretty much lost on the groom, who's more interested in likening the site's fancy functionality to last night's meal. "Whatever helps you understand, man," concedes the baby.

Overall, the ad is another moderately amusing installment in the campaign, even if it's not as novel, adorable or focused as the earlier hits. But with the brand planning to air a Super Bowl spot around a theme of a newborn baby, it seems things may get even weirder.


Client: E*Trade

Spot: "Best Man"

Agency: Grey, New York

Account Team: Jon Holding, AJ Mazza, Ronna Boyer, Kim Gordon

Art Director: Kimberly Kietz, Zack Menna

Assistant Producer: Suzie Rosenthal

Business Manager: Merry DePhillips

Casting: Nina Pratt

Chief Creative Officer: Tor Myhren

Cinematographer: Will Rexer

Client Consultant: John Clarkson

Copywriters: Rich Singer, Pete Holmes, John Clarkson, David Bailey, Katherine O'Brien

Creative Directors: Eric Segal

Director at Rabbit: Tim Abshire

Editorial, Vision Post: Alex Cohan (editor), Jackie Helfgott (asistant editor)

Director of Broadcast Production: Bennett McCarroll

Executive Producer, Vision Post: Gray Hirshfield

Line Producer, Vision Post: Lindsay Brzowski

Mix, Vision Post: Dante DeSole, Matt Baker

Music Producer: Zachary Pollakoff

VP, Producer: Kimberly Kietz

Production Company: Rabbit Content

Executive Producers: Jeff Sommar, Joby Barnhart

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End Tag Creative Director: Jeff Stevens

End Tag Animator: Eugene Kolb