Ad of the Day: Downy

Amy Sedaris and her Unstopables will get your clothes kooky clean

In Grey's new ad campaign for Downy Unstopables (yes, just one "p"), the popular fabric-softener brand is kicking the old "mom" image with spots featuring "laundry expert" (and accomplished lifestyle guru) Amy Sedaris.

Bereft of her favorite image enhancements—no one does a faux facial injury like Amy!—and all gussied up for TV, the actress exudes the charm of a housewife who's just escaped from an institution. "First, pour these feisty little scent boosters into the cap," she instructs as they spill onto the floor. "They work in any washer!" she adds, a bit too excitedly. "Top load, side load . . . your neighbor's washing machine." Next, it's time to set her loose on an unsuspecting couple. Downy Unstopables will "shake up your fresh like a cheerleader on espresso," she explains to the frightened pair, before making a delightfully creepy facial gesture toward the husband. "It's like you shoved a rainbow up your nose," she claims.

While there's certainly no shortage of overly perky saleswomen on TV, the lovably off-kilter demeanor that has boosted Sedaris to cult status helps her to steer clear of being irritating in these spots (here's looking at you, Progressive lady). And considering her penchant for smoked cheese balls, occasionally dangerous crafting, and pet rabbits, it's not hard to imagine that Sedaris could use a little Downy fresh.


Client: P&G's Downy

Spots: "How To," "Laundry Room"

Agency: Grey, New York    

Chief Creative Officer: Tor Myhren

Creative Director: Alice Ericsson

Art Director: Mark Fina

Copywriter: Alice Ericsson

Agency Producer: Bennett McCarroll    

Production Company: Crossroads Films, Los Angeles

Director: Dewey Nicks

Director of Photography: Carlos Veron

Editor: Stephane Dumonceau, Final Cut

Music/Sound Design: Don McNally

Principal Talent: Amy Sedaris

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