Ad of the Day: This Dog’s Incredible Journey Shows Why Family Vacations Should Include Pets

HomeAway shares the same story from 2 perspectives

Any obsessive dog lover, or pet lover of any stripe, knows how leaving a furry friend behind can be the worst part of going on vacation. How can you part with that adorable little face for a whole week?

HomeAway, a vacation rental marketplace, is celebrating its 10th anniversary by letting potential customers know they don't have to leave their four-legged loved ones behind. Even the dog is welcome when you look beyond the usual hotel chains and rent pet-friendly accommodations.

The campaign cleverly uses two spots to tell two halves of a whole story. One is told from the perspective of a young girl, Emma, while the second comes from the point of view of the family dog, Biscuit. When the family leaves for vacation, poor Biscuit is left looking longingly out the window as his family pulls away. Emma, on the other hand, spends what could be a fun-filled family vacation looking down in the dumps.

Check out the two 60-second spots from Saatchi & Saatchi London below to see how the two stories unfold and intertwine.

Biscuit's spot has a bit of a lost puppy Budweiser kind of feeljust swap the hunky farmer longing for his pup with an adorable little girl missing hers. The dog braves the elements, some pretty riled up chickens and a bustling freeway, all to be reunited with his favorite human. While it's familiar territory, the two different stories tie together nicely and bring a fresh twist to the lost-dog storyline.

The ads are part of a larger, global campaign that launched last month.


Client: HomeAway

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi London 

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